Survival courses
24-hours to 4-days courses in Swedish Lapland

Survival course is the fastest way to get out from your daily routine and experience something extraordinary. At this course you will look deep inside you and get to know yourself better through overcoming difficulties. Safety is number one so throughout the course you will be guided by experienced instructor who helps you and answers your questions along the way.

At Wildland Trail survival courses we focus on how to stay motivated when times are tough and how to take that extra step. This is skill learned from survival courses is known to help you in your further life. Also how to build teamwork and ability to go forward with in any situation.

The things you will learn are basic survival skills and how to cover humans basic needs with no usual gear with you. And of course you will practice the most of these skills you learned at the course.

NB! Depending on the courses the distance and fun obstacles may vary. You will problably be a little wet and tired at some point but the instructors will show you how to overcome all of that.

Courses are available all through the year. Find your way to a survival course in the Swedish Lapland!

Check the program, FAQ's and tips down below and book your course today!

24 h course
48 h course
This course will give you a proper experience and knowledge about survival situation. You will learn such things as:
  • making fire with alternative things
  • shelter building
  • water from the nature
  • wild food
  • navigation without GPS or compass
  • alternative tools building
  • first aid at wilderness
  • many smallers sideskills you will need
You will spend the night in the fresh Lapland nature under the shelter you build.
At the morning we will walk back to the place we started.
Along the way you will experience fun obstacles made by nature and the instructor.
The 2-day course contains learning the same skills as 24 h course with some extra challenges.

Extras for 48 h course:
  • climbing a rocky mountain side
  • going through a river - skill how to overcome wet conditions
  • a little longer distance to walk
  • first night with a minimal shelter
  • two different places to spend the night

4-day course
This course contains all the things mentioned above but challenges you the most with much harder terrain to pass and the lenght of the course.

The long days with limited gear and food will challenge your mind the way you have not felt before.

The instructor will guide you through the challenges and teaches you how to overcome the situations even when you could feel down the most. You will learn how to stay on top of the hardest situations.
Whats included:
Whats not included:
  • survival course with experienced instructor
  • survival food
  • group gear
  • first aid support
  • transfer from the range of 200 km from Kokträsk, Malå (including Arvidsjaur or Luleå airports)
  • your way to us (except transer)
  • personal gear
  • personal insurance
Price for one person is:
24 h course - 1990 SEK
48 h course - 2990 SEK
4-day course - 3990 SEK
Minimum group size is 2 persons


How long distance will be covered?
24 h course - up to 15 km
48 course - up to 30 km
4-day course - up to 50 km
What will I be eating?
You have a variety of fire cooked food. Both vegan and meat are available. We bring with us a minimum amount of uncooked and unprepared food which will be cooked by the fire (4-day course has one high calorie meal on the third day).
Where shall I sleep?
We will spend the nights outdoor in the fresh Lapland wild. You will sleep under the shelter you made.
What are the temperatures?
The temperatures on summertime can vary from +25C at daytime and minus degrees at night. Depending the time.
At winter you can face mild degrees from couple of minuses below to -25C or colder.
 Can I do it?
 Although these challenging courses will be helped and led by the instructor you should always ask from yourself - can I tolerate a little bit of toughness?
Tips for your experience to be at its best:
  • dress according to the weather;
  • wear comfortable footwear;
  • bring mosquito repellent with you when the course is in summer;
  • notify the instructor in private when you have a medical condition what can affect the progress of the course or what needs an immediate reaction when occuring.
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