Thrive in the Wild
Excellent Team Building Adventure to Unlock Your Team's Potential

Are you ready to take your team to new heights? Team building is an essential ingredient for success and a happy team. 

But guess what? By incorporating survival skills into team building activities, you unlock a whole new level of growth and potential.

Not only will your team become more
  • resilient,
  • adaptable,
  • resourceful,
they will also gain invaluable lessons in
  • problem-solving,
  • decision-making,
  • effective leadership.
team building, infused with survival skills, helps
  • build trust  
  • develop individuals who can navigate challenges both in and out of the workplace.


Meet & Greet
We’ll gather in our home base in Kokträsk 10, Malå, where we will introduce the day’s schedule and safety guidelines.

Engage with Huskies
You will have an extraordinary opportunity to meet our Siberian huskies – the ancient breed which has an extraordinary adaptability to thrive in the outdoors.

Optional. Your team members can pick a husky or two, who will follow them allthrough the day. Well actually, they will be in front of you because their meaning of life is to pull and push forward. Participants who choose to trek with huskies will learn basic husky handling techniques and safety measures.

Hike to the Survival Camp
We will then start the hiking journey towards the campsite. On the journey, we sprinkle exciting challenges that require team synergy, collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication. Get ready to work together, support and motivate each other to overcome obstacles.

Master in Survival Skills and Wilderness Knowledge
In our survival camp the true power of teamwork and motivation comes into play. Your team will not only learn vital survival skills but also acquire invaluable wilderness knowledge. We'll also focus on staying motivated when facing challenges and finding solutions in tough situations.

Campfire and Fika
Before leaving the camp, we will gather around a cozy campfire to share experiences and stories. We will enjoy a fika, creating a friendly atmosphere to connect and strengthen our bonds.

Navigate the Natural Maze to find our Way Back
The journey back home comes with a twist. Prepare for an exciting navigation task through the thick forest, turning the return trip into a thrilling adventure you won't soon forget.

Close and reflect
In a closing session we will reflect on the day’s experience and highlight key lessons learned and wish you a wonderful day. 



Duration: 5 hours, from 10-15.00 (or time chosen by you)

Date: upon agreement

Participants: maximum of 12 people per day

Location: Wildland Trail Home Base + Survival Camp in Kokträsk, Malå, 93994 (or other wilderness area with suitable terrain upon prior agreements)

Language: mostly in english with a splash of small talk in swedish

Price: To get an offer, write to us the number of people you want to elevate in our team building adventure!

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